Preliminary and Basic Engineering Services

Conceptual design phase is an initial and very important phase of the project where in certain basic designs are developed for the purpose of obtaining statutory clearances, estimating project cost, Studying Project Feasibility.

  • Site selection of technically feasible site by visiting the prospective site.
  • Conducting survey work, Soil investigations and water availability studies.
  • Assistance in preparation of application to Financial Institutions, Government and other agencies.
  • Preparation of Master Layout as per Vastu Shashtra
  • Preparation of Preliminary Concept Design as per process Requirement And Site Conditions.
  • Services are also offered for liaison with process consultants and or other agencies connected with project work.

Design and Detailed Engineering Services

Design and planning of Civil works including basic layout of Plant and of Non-plant building, Colonies, Roads, Water supply, sewage disposal schemes, Effluent Treatment plants and complete Site Development.

  • To Obtain Establish Design Data and variables
  • Preparation of Statutory approval drawings
  • Preparation of Architectural Plans
  • Designing of all RCC Components
  • Designing of all Structural Components
  • Preparation of Civil RCC Drawings and Detailing
  • Preparation of Structural GA Drawings

Tendering Services

  • Preparation of Tender documents for complete project which include technical specifications, tender drawings, contract form and bill of quantities.
  • Pre Qualification of Bidders
  • Investigation of bids and Scrutiny of bids
  • Recommendation of the offer based on technically and commercially acceptable Bidder.

Construction Phase Services

  • Timely supervision activities are carried out on construction site to keep the progress of work intact and for smooth functioning of construction work.
  • Checking and Certifyingof Bills submitted by Contractors.
  • Co-ordination of other agencies related to project work on site and giving Quick and Practical solution for better functioning.